Tuesday, July 6, 2010


What would happen if someone called YOU out on your "ish" with a camera crew right there to catch the whole thing?

Welcome to the all-new online talk show PRINCETIQUETTE, featuring your host "The Etiquette Buster", "The Greater Communicator" better know as....Princess of Controversy, The ARTIVIST. Today's inaugural show gives a glimpse of what "PRINCETIQUETTE" is all about and uses "mock scenes" to show a few areas where we can work on our humane etiquette. In upcoming shows, Princess hits the streets to find everyday people to "bust" on their etiquette & insensitive acts towards others & shines a light on how we can change the world with our actions! PRINCETIQUETTE also features weekly artist spotlights, local business spotlights, a hot 16 from Princess called the "Princessteen," a riveting thought for the day & many more goodies! Stop tweeting & FB'ing for 10 minutes a week! Join us for our weekly series of PRINCETIQUETTE! Get with it!

To be a guest, featured artist or business on PRINCETIQUETTE or to suggest show topics or someone who needs to get "busted" on their etiquette and other "ish", please contact: princetiquetteshow@gmail.com!

As Oprah makes her exit, you the viewer can get wit'....PRINCETIQUETTE!

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